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Spirituality, individual identity, sophistication, elegance and artistic added value are a core part of Francisca Mancini Perfumes. Here, we recognise that everyone is always more than one thing at a time; simultaneously, we are professionals, parents, sons and daughters, lovers, colleagues, friends, and so on…

We believe in perfume as an aura, a halo that surrounds us and becomes part of us. It is a physical manifestation of both who we are and how we feel. No two people have the same spirit. Individuality is the key. These perfumes are for one to wrap oneself in, making them one’s own and making them personal.

My fragrances are formulated with the intention of being layered.

Our fragrances are formulated with the intention of being layered. Each of them has a strong identity, but when layered subtleties unfold, like one’s own complex and rich personality.

A fragrance is an instant.
A memory,
a place, a voyage.

A fragrance is an instant, a memory, a place, a voyage. It is inspiring and dreamy. It transports us to distant places and hidden personal memories... As a perfumer, I like to make perfumes for imagined situations, for magical places, and for the people who want to go on these personal journeys.

Francisca Mancini

Jan 12

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