ATLANTICA - LAYERING TRIO - Francisca Mancini Creative Studio


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3 x 15ml.

Layer Atlantica with Voile de Jour and Voile de Nuit for a day long journey through the north of Africa.
This highly spiritual scent, made with Frankincense, musks, incense, and fire, could be found after a trip across the north of Africa, from the High Atlas to the Nile. A bark navigates down the river stopping in front of a small temple. As you walk in a ray of light shines through a small aperture high up in an alcove, cutting through dense incense smoke. There is an altar carved in stone and an ancient vase. Inside this vase, set aside for ceremonial offerings, lays Atlantica, a magical ritual perfume made of the most precious oils. 

Choose your scent and adapt it to your mood. Layer with Voile de Jour for morning brightness inspired by sunrise. For a sexier evening veil, layer with Voile de Nuit, inspired by star constellations in the sky.

Fragrance notes
TOP Frankincense
BASE Leather