Collection N 1: Maps, Travel

This first collection maps out a fantastic world. Each fragrance, inspired by a place and a time, embodies the spirit of a magical situation. Each time you wear these perfumes, and every time you layer them, you reconstitute the map, writing your own story. As the stars guided sailors for thousands of years, these perfumes will guide you through your personal journey. Traversing from the scent of the dense, deep red velvet covering the borgo walls of an art-avid warrior duche in Urbino in the 1500’s, to the true pearls of the south sea: the Ama, or female pearl divers, who still fish pearls off the coasts of Japan's islands following rules established thousands of years ago. This collection invites you to embark in a personal journey, visiting these magical places and making them your own.

Perfume product: Sandokan


Reminiscent of the ancient splendor of South-East Asia, this is the perfume of a mystic dawn in Burma. The sun begins to rise and the first rays of light meet the gilded tops of the temples of Bagan. As the earth warms the dew still shines on the leaves of the jungle, just before it evaporates. Inspired by this daily earthy ritual, exotic precious oils come together to make Sandokan, a scent deep but bright as emeralds. The vetiver and musks of Sandokan rise from the depth of the jungle. The world awakes, and with it our senses.

Perfume product: Renaissance


Renaissance comes from the Tuscan town of Urbino, Italy, in the 1500’s. A small town perched at the top of a mountain, home to a fearless warrior Duke and his art patron wife. Their borgo’s walls are covered with rich velvets and broccatos brought from Venice. Hues of deep reds and ochre decorate the many rooms of their art filled home, where intellectuals, poets and artists feast alongside warriors and aristocracy in candle-lit halls. Renaissance captures the exuberant spirit of these household gatherings, where the scents of spices and woods blend together as they are warmed by the fire in the great room’s hearth.

Perfume product: Atlantica


This highly spiritual scent, made with Frankincense, musks, incense, and fire, could be found after a trip across the north of Africa, from the High Atlas to the Nile. A bark navigates down the river stopping in front of a small temple. As you walk in a ray of light shines through a small aperture high up in an alcove, cutting through dense incense smoke. There is an altar carved in stone and an ancient vase. Inside this vase, set aside for ceremonial offerings, lays Atlantica, a magical ritual perfume made of the most precious oils.

Perfume product: South Sea


Pearl diving is a millenary practice. In the waters of Japan, pearl diving is done exclusively by the Ama. These female pearl divers still fish pearls off the coast of Japan's islands following rules established thousands of years ago. Passing along a tradition that has survived for generations, these ladies are one with the sea. They are sleek, strong, sharp, sophisticated and powerful. Feminine and masculine at the same time. Empowered by their profession, they rule their villages. This perfume is an homage to The Ama, the true pearls of the south sea.

Perfume product: Voile de Jour


This scent is inspired by the colours of a magical dawn. Crisp, bright and fresh top notes evolve into warmer woodier ones, as this voile begins to wrap around you like the spirit of a young morning, when the last stars die. When layered with Atlantica, you’ll be transported to a fresh morning in the shores of the Nile. With Sandokan, it will accompany you deep into the Burmese forest, while with Renaissance it lifts the velvet veil with organza lightness. When combined with South Sea, it will add depth and warmth to a sexy seascape.

Perfume product: Voile de Nuit


This is the scent of balmy nights. Embodying the sensual colours and shadows of dusk, it has hues of deep blues and purples. This celestial veil made of constellations, allows you to grab the stars and wrap yourself in them. This veil will last with you through the night. When layered with Atlantica, it will transport you to a nighttime ceremony atop an Egyptian temple. When combined with Sandokan you will be given the key to a secret garden you’ll never want to escape. When layered with Renaissance you will partake in Renaissance banquets, while when mixed with South Sea, you will sail at night, guided by the moon and the stars, through the islands of japan.