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Sexy, woody vetiver and tobacco come together with bright notes of fennel and bergamot to transport you to a mystic dawn in Burma.
Reminiscent of the ancient splendor of South-East Asia, this is the perfume of a mystic dawn in Burma. The sun begins to rise and the first rays of light meet the gilded tops of the temples of Bagan. As the earth warms the dew still shines on the leaves of the jungle, just before it evaporates. Inspired by this daily earthy ritual, exotic precious oils come together to make Sandokan, a scent deep but bright as emeralds. The vetiver and musks of Sandokan rise from the depth of the jungle. The world awakes, and with it our senses.

Fragrance notes
TOP Fennel / Bergamot
HEART Vetiver
BASE Tobacco / Oakmoss

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