RENAISSANCE - LAYERING TRIO - Francisca Mancini Creative Studio


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3 x 15ml.

Layer Renaissance with Voile de Jour and Voile de Nuit to be transported to a candle lit banquet that will last until dawn.
Renaissance captures the exuberant spirit of a tuscan borgo, where spices and woods beautifully blend together. Renaissance comes from the Tuscan town of Urbino, Italy, in the 1500’s. A small town perched at the top of a mountain, home to a fearless warrior Duke and his art patron wife. Their borgo’s walls are covered with rich velvets and broccatos brought from Venice. Hues of deep reds and ochre decorate the many rooms of their art filled home, where intellectuals, poets and artists feast alongside warriors and aristocracy in candle-lit halls. Renaissance captures the exuberant spirit of these household gatherings, where the scents of spices and woods blend together as they are warmed by the fire in the great room’s hearth.

Choose your scent and adapt it to your mood. Layer with Voile de Jour for morning brightness inspired by sunrise. For a sexier evening veil, layer with Voile de Nuit, inspired by star constellations in the sky.

Fragrance notes
TOP Pepper / Clove
HEART Orange Blossom
BASE Sandalwood